Not knowing much about writing blogs I thought it would be good to introduce myself and give you an insight to the main characters that influence my world.

Firstly I am Grant, I am a jewellery designer maker. As well as making I also do a fair amount of teaching jewellery making as well as fine metal design at our local university.

I live with my husband Adrian who is a Stone Carver and conservator. We are happily living our days in sunny Taplow with our dog Stout (more about him later) and a flock of chickens (more about them later too) it is not unheard of for either the dog or the chickens to hijack the computer so be warned!

I exhibit my work at a number of venues throughout the year and hope to update you all where and when I shall be showing off to the general public but please see my Events pages for details. I am also very lucky to have some work in The Tiny Gallery in Henley on Thames where the lovely Emma exhibits beautiful designer crafts.

We have a small house in the gorgeous Pays de la Loire which we are slowly decorating and hope to build into a wonderful holiday home, this is a big and very new adventure for us and hope for exciting times ahead.

So I am looking forward to sharing my world with you all, filling you in on everything from my influences, experiences and sometimes just a little bit of the weirdness that pops up in my life. Bear with me in this new venture and feel free to comment, message and generally share things with me.