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Artist Statement

In a time where putting up physical as well as metaphorical barriers is in fashion it seems more important now than ever to question what is being presented to us as truth. Misinformation and alternative facts lead us into a world of fear, prejudice and paranoia, we need to look beyond this and see the truth and beauty behind.

I want to question myself as well as others about our prejudices and the walls we build to protect ourselves and Jewellery is an ideal medium to do this, wearing jewellery reflects who we are and acts as a visual signal to others. It is a brave and intimate form of self-expression with the wearer opening a chink in their ‘wall’ to give the observer a way to discover what lies behind.

To me jewellery is a vital form of communication however my work is not about making a specific statement or protest but opening a channel for dialogue with that deeper and more open communication it can be a medium for instilling a respect for the another person's views and ideas. This might not change what we believe but it might just change the way we treat each others and what we are presented with.

I like to add hidden elements and differing textures to add interest and draw the eye to a piece, therefore creating that starting point for conversation. My designs are bold yet wearable, I use a mix of fine and sterling silver and occasionally gold and always real gemstones and endeavour to make all my designs are unique.

“Sometimes you put up walls not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down” Anon

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