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Classes for younger people

I have always felt life is about learning, which, for someone who was never a particularly good student at school, is ironic but when I discovered there was more than one way to learn I have had a constant thirst for knowledge. I also feel it is our responsibility to share our knowledge and skills with others, not only to hand on to the next generation but also to show others that learning can be fun and life enhancing whatever your age. Teaching for me is about encouragement, experimentation and discovery.

I have been teaching jewellery and metalwork design since the early 1990’s, however it was not until 2015 I started teaching young people in a more formal way at a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). I thoroughly enjoyed the position and found working with younger people surprising, rewarding and always a challenge. It constantly amazes me the ideas and knowledge that these students present me with and it keeps my own skills fresh.

Since working for schools I have worked with university students, tutoring them through a silver metal design modules and very successfully entering some of them into a national competition for pewter work. At the same time I designed and taught an 8 week home schooling class in jewellery making.

In amongst this I have help run various one day events for young people, one being an Alice in Wonderland themed event for the National Trust were we used metal foil techniques to create everything from fridge magnets to full blown jewel encrusted crowns. This particular day was aimed at children up to the age of 12 with a mix of boys and girls. Other events have been for older students up to the age of 16 making forged copper bangles, texturing them but also demonstrating skills in heating metal, polishing and embossing.

I am more than happy to create courses to suit your needs where I can teach, demonstrate and work with children and young adults, designing the sessions to fit in with school work, personal interests, drama events or just for fun.

I have had enhanced DRB checks done for my work with schools and can obtain a standard check if needed. I am also more than happy for parents and teachers to join any class.

I endeavour to make all the sessions fun and informative without stifling creativity. Obviously health and safety of all my students is paramount but encourage students to explore and experiment within safety guidelines.

Please contact me if you are interested in one off or regular classes and we can design something bespoke or I can let you have details of my regular classes.