So here we are in the last few months of 2023, it has been a long time since I last wrote a blog and so much has happened from chicken related disasters to global plagues and family tragedies. I wont go into them but it has been a tough time for all of us and I finally feel I am coming out the other end of a pretty tough few years.

Good news is that I have rediscovered my website or rather worked out how the bloody thing works and not being very computer literate this has taken me by surprise as much as it has you.

Even better news is although we have all been in a pretty awful place all round life seems to be getting back to normal or whatever normal is round these parts. Since my last blog and one of the many reasons I have been avoiding wrestling my computer into submission is that for the past year I have been creating a wonderful workspace and teaching facility that is The Burnham Jewellery Studio, when I work out how to do a picture I will post one

Well look there I did it!! Photos, words and stuff oh my !

This amazing workshop aka ‘the garage’ has been transformed with the help of some lovely people and a big shout out to my lovely husband Adrian who gave up his dumping ground….I mean workshop and let me run riot and create this teaching workshop. It takes up to five people and has all the tools you can think of with many more exciting toys to come. Since it stared properly back in January we have run workshops, hosted my wonderful pupils and started a regular Monday night evening class. I will post more about those as in times, dates, cost etc over on the teaching page. It all is going really rather well but there is always room for improvement and I am in the process of streamlining the soldering bench, securing tools and organising stuff! if you are interesting in coming along give me a shout. I have room for more private students as well as wanting to set up a Thursday morning group class so if that is of interest please do get in touch and I will start to organise it, it wont take long to put into action.

On the domestic front we still have the chickens, I might even turn a blind eye to the occasion chicken blog though I think Fluffy the cat (a relatively new resident at Camp Rainbow, been here just over a year now and well established as queen of all she surveys) might want in on the action now the nights are drawing in. To complete the menagerie we have a new dog, having lost our beloved Stout early last year in the week from hell so I will introduce Bailey who has done sterling work mending out broken hearts after Stout suddenly left us.

Princess Fluffy Astor of Cliveden

Bailey Dog

So I think I have caught you up with events here and hope to be posting much more on the blog, I am going over to update about classes and stuff so wish me luck and please do get in touch with your feedback or if you want to find out more about what’s going on here. Take care chums xxx